For the authors

Editorial policy

The Annals of Mathematics and Philosophy is a refereed journal seeking to develop philosophy of mathematics in all its forms, with a particular interest in the dialogue between philosophy and mathematics, and between philosophers and mathematicians. One of its guiding ideas is that mathematical philosophy should be both relevant to general philosophy, and to contemporary mathematics in practice. Research that confronts issues in mathematics is preferred to commentary and debate within philosophy.

Articles are selected on the basis of intellectual and academic quality, with special attention to their relevance to: the content, practice, epistemology, historicity, or the current problems in mathematics.

While the journal is definitely open to mathematicians, it is expected that the tone of the contributions will always be philosophical. Mathematical articles, whether research, historical, or popularizations, will not be accepted. However, articles based on mathematical results or theories in order to analyze their meaning or to identify the conceptual dynamics involved will be accepted.