Languages and publication format

The journal will be published in a dual electronic and print format. The official language of the print version of the journal is English. However, in order to allow authors who wish to write the original text in another language and to avoid the pitfall of a general impoverishment of the philosophical and mathematical language, they are encouraged to submit also in French, German, Italian and Spanish. The choice of languages is subject to change and reflects only the certainty of the editorial board that there will be sufficiently many referees in each of the proposed languages.

Each author submitting an article in a language other than English commits herself or himself, if his or her article is accepted, to provide a version in English of a good level of language (left to the discretion of the editors), knowing that he or she may be assisted in preparing a first version, if he or she so wishes, by the journal, according to procedures that will be communicated to him or her. In this case, the article will benefit from a double publication in electronic format.